Fay Ortiz/ November 26, 2018/ Industrial Services

Our basic and general needs are growing rapidly. To overcome this need industry is progressing and growing very fast. To build up a large organization, buildings are made in which many industries are currently working. The buildings we see now a days a huge and are very tall. As a large quantity of labor is working inside it so the buildings are made up of steel. As steel provides a great protection and security as it is strong and reliable. Every building that is constructed must have to be painted for its better look and refinement. The paints which we use now a days are known as intumescent paint for steel. Intumescent paints or intumescent coating are special type of paints which are used as fire proofing or as a fire repellent. This paint is basically a combination of chemicals. When these chemicals came in contact with fire or heat they start to melt and become less dense. A thick coating converts into thin layer which acts as insulator. The process of carbonization starts as chemicals came in contact with fire. It attains the form like a char. It can provide protection up to 30, 90, 60 or 120 minutes. After it the steels start becoming hot and can bear temperature up to 500 degree centigrade. After 500 degrees the steel lost all its resistance and starts to melt. This melting of steel can be fatal for the person as if one escapes out from fire then from this molten steel he or she may get affected.

One of the major and great reason which make intumescent paints a great choice for fire proofing is that it is best for all the instrumental materials such as soft wood like cedar, pine, plaster, bricks and stones, chip boards, hardwood like beech, ash, and oak, metal as well as for concrete. This all material is used for making buildings such as doors, windows, window panes, ventilators. Another exceptional use of intumescent paint is use along with sanding. Sanding adds much more neatness in the thing. The major or critical difficulty with architecture is that how to design a place by keeping in mind all the possibilities to avoid the fire. The intumescent coatings or intumescent fireproofing give a shape or structure like an orange peel. Intumescent paints are easy to handle. They are available in all forms such as paint by hand, roller or sprays. Despite all the benefits of intumescent coating it has a disadvantage that if it coated with in a thin layer than it may get sagged and sanding cannot be used to make it proper. The only method is to redone the intumescent coating to make it fire proof. This paint adds the life span or life time of steel to add load bearing capacity of the steel. It can made refurbishment projects. The Gasketing industries also use intumescent fire proof paints. The intumescent coatings add the strength of building and avoid it from burning, melting and weakening when exposed to extreme heat and temperature. intumescent-paint

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