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Most of us hear about the goodness of pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds and others that are essential multi grains and beneficial for our health. You might also have stocks of these seeds in your larder, but often forget to add them to your meals. Here are some ways to ensure that they end up in your daily meals and give you the best of balanced diet and essential nutrition.

What plant seeds offer?

The different kinds of seeds like pumpkin seeds, chia, flax seeds and others are kernels that are dried and used either in whole form or added as part of whole grain cereal food. The main advantage of such ingredients is that they are high in dietary fiber. They might not give you carbs to fill your stomach but they can make your smooth BCAA supplements a bit higher in fiber. Hence, adding a handful of seeds can help make your morning drink a bit fuller and nutritious.supplements australia

Different ways to use natural foods

Besides adding the different kernels to your casein protein shakes and supplements, there are other ways to use them in your meals. If you use whole grain flour of any kind to make breads and rolls, add a handful of such seeds to the flour mixture. That will make your breads more nutritious and healthy. You could also add them to different curry pastes you make in preparing different dishes. Add them when you make a paste of onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and other ingredients for making a curry dish with meat or fish. Such seeds help to give a rich texture to your curries and casserole dishes as well.

Addition to the breakfast cereals

Even if you are not too much into cooking elaborate meals, simply adding a dash of such grains to your cereal in the morning will help you get a dose of such nutritious items and add them to your daily diet. Steeping spoonfuls of yoghurt with such seeds, cereals like oats along with honey and fruits would give you the perfect dish to start the day with. The above points can help you make the most nutritious seeds that come packaged in different ways in grocery stores. You could also opt for multigrain snack bars that include such seeds in the list of ingredients. Many snack packs offer such seeds in roasted forms along with different flavors. You could keep such items by your side when you have hunger pangs. That will help you indulge in nutritious and tasty snacks as well.

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