Fay Ortiz/ April 16, 2018/ Latest Trends & Styles

Majority of the people earn for their living. They do all kinds of work in different disciplines in order to earn money for themselves and their families. Some people work in offices where as others do not. Therefore there is a need to use different types of accessories that are needed in their field of work. 

Protection for the Face and EyesThere are several jobs that require facial protection to protect them from dust or any harmful chemicals and debris. Astronauts and bomb squads also wear helmets on their head. Protecting the face from the sun is also important therefore hats such as Akubra hats can be worn for this purpose. Protection of the eye is also essential in several types of work when there is a possibility that chemicals, water or dust can go into the eyes. They are also worn, for example, when welding or cutting wood. People wear different types of goggles and eye wear for this purpose. 

Protection for the EarsThere are several instances when ear protection is also needed. People who work outside in a cold climate need to wear ear muffs to protect them from the cold. Working with loud machinery also brings in the need to wear ear protection equipment especially when they are going to be working with that noise for a long time.  Ear muffs and ear plugs can be used for this purpose.  

Protection of the Feet and HandMany jobs also require feet and hand protection. Hand protection is needed against cuts when dealing with heavy or sharp objects and against harmful substances when dealing with chemicals. Some examples of the protective gloves are the use of heavy duty rubber gloves when working with all construction equipment, use of chemical resistant gloves when working with chemicals in a lab and use of insulated gloves when working with electricity. Protection of the feet is needed against any harmful objects such as sharp or heavy objects. Work boots are usually worn, for example, RM williams boot shoes, at the place of work. One such example are construction sites.

Head Protection Head injuries are generally protected by wearing hard hats since it can protect the head from any head contact with a hard object or from falling objects. This is also applicable mainly in construction sites and also where people work with electricity.

Use Protective WearPeople must make sure that they use the required protective wear in order to prevent themselves from any short term or long term damages. All protective wear should also be frequently checked for damages and replaced immediately before use. best-fashion