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If you are a wine lover then you must be known with Australian Shiraz and bordeaux wine in australia, both of these have a special place when it comes to wine. The shiraz originally originates from France where it is called Syrah. The Source of Syrah is Rhone valley in France, as France is known for its wine and contain vineyard where the grapes are grown in perfect weather condition to produce one of the best wines. But when it comes to Australia, its name has been changed to Australian Shiraz. The Australian Shiraz is made from a dark-skinned grape that gives it a unique taste and quality. The Australian Shiraz is distinctive from Syrah as it is made from grapes that are specially grown in Australia. The Australian Shiraz is unique due to some distinct reasons and some of them are;

Unique Taste: The Australian Shiraz got its name due to the grape known as Shiraz. The shiraz is a particular type of grapes that grows in the region with mild to warm climates. This particular climate help to grow those grapes with a high level of acidity. This high level of acidity in the grape helps to achieve the full-bodied wine. The Australian Shiraz has a high level of alcohol content. For every true wine lover, the bold taste of Australian Shiraz makes them their number one choice.

Availability: The Australian Shiraz can be said as the wine of Australia. The shiraz grapes are one of the highly planted grapes in Australia. This is the reason that Australian Shiraz is abundantly available in Australia. It can be inexpensive and to highly expensive version, depending upon the area where the grapes were grown. Most of the Shiraz grapes are grown in Western Australia, Southern Australia and New South Wales.

Alcohol Content: The Australian Shiraz is popular because of its Buzz. It has high alcohol content due to the grapes grown in the hot region. The Australian Shiraz is said to be better than French Syrah because the temperature in France is lower than in Australia. The colder region grapes result in lower alcohol content. But due to the warm climate in Australia, the Shiraz grapes help to increase the alcohol content in the wine, especially for the vintage Shiraz.

High Calories: Any wine contains significant calories like Bordeaux wine or any other. The Australian Shiraz also contains high calories. The usual 750 ml bottle of Australian Shiraz contains around 600-625 calories. Usually, the wine has calories from sugar, but in the case of Shiraz high alcohol content increase calories count. So, if you are planning to have Australian Shiraz then keep in mind, that every sip will come with high calories. Please visit www.nicks.com.au for more information.