Fay Ortiz/ July 26, 2019/ Business Services

The business card is your paper identity. A business card can introduce one person to another with a glance. Business cards are in use from their invention to date and their use is on an increasing trend.  But designing your business card needs focus and creativity. As your business card should depict your personality and it must be enough to capture other’s attention. Following thing can be considered while designing your business card

Who’s your audience

For instance, you are a businessman and your clients come from diversified industries. You have to meet new people from different backgrounds and mindsets. So when you will be designing your business card, you must consider this factor.  Try to design your card which can portray your personality and your information. It should be easy to read and have information which can be processed quickly.

Information on Business card

The information on the business card should be precise and accurate. It shouldn’t contain unnecessary information which will overcome with your personal. As cards with a higher proportion of content, don’t go easy on eyes. So one must try to put basic information like name, contact number, designation, company name, and address, etc. Other than these, anything else will be extra information, so the must be taken into consideration if required.

Logo or Headshot

Many corporate use their logos on their luxury business cards in London but this practice is also applicable for single person business. Logos help to introduce your company and they can be in a person’s memory for future references. A headshot should be used if you want to personalize your cards and need that people should remember your name and face. A headshot is mostly applicable for a business like real estate agents or lawyers etc.

Card design

Have whatever content, simple or complex but if it is not rightly placed then the look of the card will be unpleasant to the receiver. So it’s important that the card should be designed to be pleasing and clear to the viewer’s eye. The font for content and logo placement must be selected to make the card attractive. Always try to use a clear font and the size of the font should be appropriate as per the size of the card. The color of the font must be selected as per the color of the card paper. Here one has to decide, that card will be one-sided or two-sided, after that content of card will be finalized as per available space

Size and Shape

This is the most important factor while designing best raised business cards in London. As if the shape and size of the card are too unconventional then it is a possibility that the receiver does not take it seriously. Always try to have a card with the most acceptable shape and size should be appropriate, so one can keep in the pocket.  People design business cards even in a circular shape but the drawback is that they can be saved in the pocket. So whoever will receive that card, chances will be that the receiver will lose the card after a while.