Fay Ortiz/ August 24, 2016/ Repairing & Services

Periodically, password protected PC systems can be hacked by introducing a virus to them. Hence this method, a lot of problems that come due to viruses and other malwares, can be quickly dealt with if you take them to service centers. All you require to do is to call them to come to your area or you can likely to their service center and get your system repaired.

There has been a proliferation of fake virus informs or rogue security software application attacks. These programs develop a genuine looking pop-up window that appears on your screen while you surf the web alerting you that your PC has ended up being contaminated and prompts you to take some sort of action such as: clicking to install software, pushing OK to install updates of some sort, or clicking to remove non-existent virus or spyware infections.

When you click the rogue software in fact downloads to your PC and installs itself. As soon as installed the rogue software application can carry out any variety of malicious activities. Primarily the computer repairs software will try to lure you into paying for non-existent software application to remove the ‘viruses’ that are infecting your PC. This rogue software also will disable your legitimate antivirus software, take individual information from your PC such as credit card info, and disable windows updates and/or make your PC completely unusable. Check this out if you are looking for laptop repair.


If you presume that your system has become contaminated there are a couple of things you can do yourself to try to get rid of the bad software. One extremely excellent complimentary device that you can download, utilize and install to scan your system is Malware Bytes anti-malware. This software application does not work in every instance however it is at least worth attempting prior to you take your PC into have it repaired by an expert.

Safe Mode

The rogue software application will not allow you to download computer repairs software application to scan your system once it has been downloaded and installed on your PC so you might have to reboot your system in safe mode. To boot your PC in safe mode you need to initially either power your system totally down or perform a reboot.

You must be provided with a screen with numerous alternatives among which will be ‘safe mode with networking’. Use your arrow secrets to pick this alternative and press ‘Enter’.

When you have reached the desktop open a browser and usage Google to browse for ‘MalwareBytes’ or type ‘malwarebytes.org’ into the URL bar at the top of the browser.

Follow the prompts to install the program and utilize the default settings. Scan your system for all malware and with any luck you will certainly have eliminated the offending rogue antivirus program. If after having following the preceding steps your system is still infected you may have to consult with a professional PC service.