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Difficulty Walking, Severe Anxiety Point to Spectrum of Neurological Diagnoses

Cause of ataxia finally found in 55-year-old woman, two decades after symptom onset

Nov 16, 2022
A close up photo of a mature woman’s hands resting atop a cane.
Unexplained Catatonia: What's Behind Woman's Sudden Symptoms?

Recent history of insomnia could be a clue

Jul 20, 2021
A close up of a senior woman’s blue eye.
Avoiding Clozapine-Related Risks in Refractory Schizophrenia

Key is to recognize and safely diagnose one possible deadly complication

May 24, 2021
A blister pack of Clozapine tablets over a computer rendering of the human heart
This Man's Increased Psychiatric Issues Masked an Undiagnosed Disease

The long delay to diagnosis and treatment caused frightening symptoms

Jan 04, 2021
A close up of a mans hand on a refrigerator door trying to open it but a chain and lock are preventing him.
Rare and Possibly Life-Threatening Sensitivity to Key Schizophrenia Tx

Clinicians devised successful rechallenge in a patient with intractable psychosis

Nov 09, 2020
A frightened looking young man pulls his shirt up to cover half of his face
What ECT Booster Helped This Catatonic Patient?

May have benefits in broader populations, case authors say

Oct 12, 2020
A close up of gas controls on anesthesia machine in operating room in hospital.
Malaise, Body Aches in an 88-Year-Old - What Can It Be?

A clue came from her list of medications

Sep 28, 2020
A senior woman is examined in the hospital by a male physician and female nurse
What's Causing the Dyspnea, Choking Feeling in Woman With Schizophrenia?

Initial misdiagnosis of panic attack led to a potentially fatal treatment delay

Jun 29, 2020
A woman with chest pain.
Did Newborn Die From Mom's Marijuana Use?

Diagnosis of exclusion leads to answer of... probably

Dec 23, 2019
A newborn sleeping with smoke in the room.
Elderly Man's Baffling Loss of Mobility

Is his problem mainly psychological?

Nov 18, 2019
A frowning senior man in a wheelchair
What Caused Fungal Heart Infection in Young Man?

Was his alcoholism a factor?

Jul 22, 2019
CASE REPORT on front of illustration of file folder containing papers.
Case Report: When 'Earworm' Becomes Musical Obsession

SSRI treatment gives some successes for OCD-related "stuck song syndrome" accompanied by anxiety

Nov 19, 2018

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