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Q&A: Jun Wu, PhD, on the Association Between Urban Green Space and Decreased Risk of Postpartum Depression

In an interview with MedPage Today, Dr. Wu discusses her study examining the benefits of green space for maternal postpartum depression and how these effects are mediated.

In Certain Pregnant Women, Could One Type of Depression Signal Another?

A study from Denmark found that women with a history of depression while using hormonal contraception (HC) may be at greater risk for postpartum depression (PPD) compared to women who were depressed but didn’t use HC.

A Hospital Readmission That’s Linked to Ischemic Placental Disease

In the largest study of its kind, researchers have revealed that women who experienced ischemic placental disease during pregnancy face a more than twofold increased risk of hospital readmission for postpartum depression.

Perinatal Depression and the Role of Loneliness

In addition to the physical discomfort that some women experience during pregnancy, loneliness, in the forms of self-isolation, critical self-comparisons, and disconnection, may also contribute to the development of perinatal depression.