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Novel Biomarker Boosts Diagnostic Accuracy of Nasopharyngeal Cancer Screening

PPV increased to as much as 44.6% with combined-biomarker screening of high-risk patients

8 Hrs Ago
 A computer rendering of cancer cells in the nasopharynx.
Cancer Therapy's Lower-Limb Blood Clots Better Treated With Long Anticoagulation

A year of DOAC therapy did not result in significantly more bleeds in ONCO DVT trial

Aug 29, 2023
ESC over a photo of Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre.
Does Cancer Screening Actually Extend Lives?

A series of articles look at whether the benefits for the few warrant the harms for the many

Aug 28, 2023
 A photo of a mammography unit in a clinic.
CMS Blinks in 'Flap' Flap; Biomarker Testing; 'What If' Moment in Cancer Screening

News, features, and commentary about cancer-related issues

Aug 25, 2023
Onco Break over a computer rendering of a cancer cell.
Antibiotic Prescribing May Delay Diagnosis of Head and Neck Cancer

Time between symptom onset and diagnosis was 21% longer, study shows

Aug 24, 2023
A photo of an amoxicillin capsule protruding from its blisterpack.
Chatbots Not Always Reliable for Cancer Treatment Advice

Studies show their potential, but reveal clear issues with treatment information reliability

Aug 24, 2023
A photo of a man holding a magnifying glass in front of a laptop displaying the ChatGPT application.
Introducing the National Comprehensive Cancer Network's New CEO

Crystal Denlinger, MD, succeeds Robert Carlson, MD, as CEO of the NCCN

Aug 23, 2023
Stroke Patient Transfer Time; Death Rate After COVID

Also in TTHealthWatch: alcohol consumption after a cancer diagnosis

Aug 19, 2023
TTUHSC EL PASO HEALTHWATCH with their logo and photos of Rick Lange, MD, and Elizabeth Tracey
Chemo Shortage Fuels Price Gouging; MDS Misdiagnoses; Risky Accelerated Approvals?

News, features, and commentary about cancer-related issues

Aug 18, 2023
Onco Break over a computer rendering of a cancer cell.
Clot Risk Factors Emerge for Cancer Patients With COVID-19

Immunotherapy in particular linked with 45% higher risk of VTE in hospitalized patients

Aug 17, 2023
A computer rendering of a blood clot.
IG Live August 21: When There's No 'Next Round' of Chemo Available

Experts will discuss the chemotherapy drug shortages and the impact on patients

Aug 17, 2023
The advertisement for this Instagram Live event.
Make the Diagnosis: It’s a Painless Pink Nodule. How Bad Could It Be?

A 49-year-old woman visited her doctor concerned about a lesion that developed over her right toe within the last 4 weeks. Can you diagnose the patient?

Aug 16, 2023
Image of a big toe with a red crusted wound
Study Links 'Forever Chemicals' to Testicular Cancer in Military Personnel

Government response is "completely unacceptable," says co-chair of congressional PFAS Task Force

Aug 13, 2023
A photo of sailors cleaning the hangar bay with aqueous film forming foam aboard an aircraft carrier
Risky Drinking Behavior Common Among Cancer Survivors, Even During Treatment

High prevalence of exceeding moderate drinking, binge drinking, hazardous drinking behavior

Aug 10, 2023
A photo of a man drinking beer and watching television.
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