Fay Ortiz/ January 11, 2017/ Business Services

When people around the world are asked to compare Australia and New Zealand, they might fall into trouble trying to find many differences between the two nearby countries. In fact, life in both countries is more or less pretty similar: a high standard of living, same spoken language and even a very similar culture overall. This is why recently, a lot of New Zealanders have decided to move to Australia, and with much success. The subtle differences in the way Australians live won’t take much time to adapt to – that is, after you actually get your move done, because this is the slightly harder part. In speaking of your impending move, there might be some useful facts to know before you go.

If you are currently living in New Zealand and your plan is moving to Australia from NZ in the near future, the first thing you should know is that you don’t require any kind of visa to live in Australia. You are free to enter, live and even work as you like, provided that you are a New Zealand citizen. This of course doesn’t apply for New Zealand visa holders or New Zealand permanent residents, who will need to apply for a visa separately.

When it comes to the Australian lifestyle, it can be described as pretty much similar to the one in New Zealand. After deciding on moving companies Christchurch or wherever city you live close to, you might want to consider where you want to settle after making your move. Finding a home right off the bat can be quite tricky and difficult, unless you have gone to Australia before, in which case you will need to rent an apartment. If you are planning on moving with your whole family, it is a good idea that somebody goes to Australia in advance to actually get to know the address and location of the rented apartment. It is much easier for one person to locate a particular address than it is for a tired family who just got off a plane to do so.

When it comes to healthcare, it is recommended that you apply for the Australian Medicare program, which is actually quite similar to the system in New Zealand. The Australians also do recommend getting a private healthcare insurance as well, which is something that you can take your time to do, comparing prices and packages available.

You may also be wondering on how to obtain a driver’s license: thankfully, you can use your New Zealand driver’s license to drive right away as soon as you land in Australia. This will be valid for 3 months, after which you need to acquire an Australian driver’s license.