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Performance appraisal is important since that will not only give you an idea about your workforce, but will also motivate employees. Whenever employees know that they are being watched and evaluated and will also be rewarded according to their performance, they will of course work well. Hence you need to do performance appraisal at your workplace. So here are some of the traditional and modern methods of performance appraisal.

1.    Ranking methodThis is the easiest traditional method. Here, employees will be ranked according to there performance; from highest to lowest. This is a great method if you have only a small number of employees where each employee will be ranked. However, it could be very hard when there is a large number of employees and also it does not allow you to compare with other employees.

2.    Paired comparisonHere, each employee will be compared with one another on one-on-one basis. Here, the rater would pair the employees, pick a pair and then evaluate by comparing each other. Whoever he finds better, he would put a tick. Likewise, every employee will be paired with every other employee hence no employee would be left out. However, this method is not widely used because it cannot be done when there are a large number of people and also it does not tell how much better or worse they are than the others.

3.    Grading methodHere, certain categories of appraisal are pre-defined so that the employees can be evaluated on each of the mentioned traits. There could be commonly three grading categories; outstanding, satisfactory and unsatisfactory. You could use some cloud based recruitment software to evaluate each person’s performance and automatically generate the grading.

4.    Check-list methodThis method was introduced to ease the burden off the evaluator. Here, a series of questions which should be answered either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ are prepared by the HR department. The check-list is then given to the rater and he ticks the appropriate answers. Each question carries a weight and finally employees are evaluated on the scores they obtain. You could use labour hire Melbourne to come with the questions and also distribute the necessary weightages.

5.    Graphic rating scale methodThis is the most common and simple method used by many organizations. Here, a printed appraisal form is filled by the rater for each employee where for each trait there would be a scale; mostly a five point scale. The form may include characteristics such as quality of work, reliability, accuracy etc. This method is useful when measuring various skills of employees since not everyone is good at everything.

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