Follow along on our year-long guide to Melanoma, exploring the latest recommendations and research on diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of this disease, which, though rare, accounts for the vast majority of all skin cancer deaths. When found, diagnosed, and treated early, however, this cancer has a very high cure rate. Each month will delve into another aspect of melanoma, including warning signs, symptoms, and risks; treatment options and the continuum of care; the special role of genetic testing; promising therapies in the pipeline; support resources for patients; and unique case studies -- all of which has undergone expert review. Every installment will include a downloadable, printable information resource for patients.


Melanoma: Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment

–Evolving clinical landscape with more therapy options and improved survival

Recognizing Melanoma: What It Is, What It Isn't

–Comparing benign, malignant skin growths; adding clinical context to observations

Basics of Melanoma Diagnosis

–Biopsy techniques, interpreting the pathology report, recognizing key terms

Case Study: The Dangers of Melanoma Recurrence

–Before falling into a coma, this 41-year-old woman had been free of melanoma for 16 years

Managing Early-Stage Melanoma

–Wide excision, adequate margins, options for adjuvant therapy

Managing Unresectable/Metastatic Melanoma: What to Know

–New options for systemic therapy have improved outcomes for patients with advanced melanoma

Case Study: Did This Melanoma Metastasize or Is It Something Else?

–Cord formation in the axilla offered a clue

Sorting Through Therapeutic Options for Advanced Melanoma

–More effective therapy, more treatment choices, more considerations for clinical decisions

Recurrent Melanoma: Navigating the Clinical Pathways

–Seeking the optimal strategy for the individual patient

Melanoma: Follow-Up Fine Points

–General and stage-specific advice, consideration of side effects

Melanoma: Palliative and End-of-Life Care

–Focus should be on patient needs, wishes, and comfort

Melanoma: Survivorship Care

–The end of treatment marks the beginning of a new journey, the transition to survivorship