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What’s an Ideal ART Regimen?

The goal is to optimize adherence, says Kathleen McManus, MD, MSc, of the University of Virginia, and this needs to be tailored to each patient and their lifestyle. (0:50)

Optimizing Advanced Imaging Modalities to Detect Subtle Brain Injury in HIV Patients

A recent review outlined how neuroimaging techniques may identify brain alterations in virally suppressed people infected with HIV.

Which HIV Antiretroviral Regimens Cause Weight Gain?

ART Adherence: What’s Getting in the Way for Older Sexual Minority Patients?

Investigators set out to identify factors that negatively affect the ability of older, HIV-positive sexual minority patients to adhere to their antiretroviral therapy regimens.

How Are Older Patients with HIV Faring?

Researchers in Canada examined the status of more than 350 older patients living with HIV to identify factors that influence healthy aging, including mental health and cognitive function, in this population.
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Q&A: Barton F. Haynes, MD, on HIV-1 Vaccine Design and Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies

Dr. Haynes, of Duke, discusses the challenges of developing an HIV-1 vaccine, and more, in an interview with MedPage Today.

Excess Weight and Obesity in HIV


ART Regimens: What are Patients Looking for?

Racial Disparities in HIV Treatment: Do They Persist?

A study of 41,263 U.S. adults newly linked to HIV care found that racial disparities existed in the prescription of integrase strand transfer inhibitors in earlier years, and during a period of gradual transition to INSTI-containing antiretroviral therapy as a first-line regimen.

Women with HIV: Childbirth, Pregnancy, and Abortion

Pregnancy and childbirth rates for women with HIV have increased and are now equivalent to the rates for women in the general population. However, rates of both spontaneous and induced abortions also have risen in recent years. A new study in Denmark looks at possible explanations.

How HIV Will End

Anal Cancer: An Evaluation of Screening Strategies

While it’s important for men who have sex with men to be screened for anal malignancies, none of the current screening methods have much value beyond visual and digital anorectal exams, say the authors of a new study.
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Getting Good Care to Injectable Drug Users with HIV

Rising epidemics involving opioids and other drugs are making it critical for healthcare professionals to offer effective HIV exposure prophylaxis to their patients with substance use disorder. While there has been some progress, matching patients to care is still a challenge.

Managing the Overlap of HIV, Obesity, and CVD

Young Patients with HIV May Benefit from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

A new study sheds light on the benefits of mindfulness-based stress reduction in adolescents and young adults with HIV, which is more effective than health education for improving medication adherence and decreasing viral load.

In HIV, Weight and Fat Mass Increases During Early ART Associated with Blood Pressure Rise

Researchers investigated blood pressure and body composition among people with HIV in Tanzania, finding that rapid weight and fat mass gain during the first year of antiretroviral therapy are associated with concomitant rapid increases in blood pressure.