Fay Ortiz/ June 8, 2020/ Marketing & Advertising

Owning a vehicle in this expensive world is something which can be labeled as a  “blessing” owning a car does not mean that a person is just owning a car and that’s it, driving is the only option and facility available there with the car. Yet there are some maintenance comes along as a part and parcel of a car, certainly car maintenance is a factor and after the release of “Fast and the furious” series decoration and beautification with some cool modification is another factor which needs to be taken care of. Belief it or not influence of Hollywood movies has played a vital role in the introduction of car beautification and modification. Initially there was no concept of car color change, mat colors, shining colors etc. especially young guys who are under the influence of movies or they are madly in love with their baby (car) has that tendency to spend more than what is required. So here we are about to explain some basic tips and tricks through which car can be given a special new look altogether and without spending ample amount of money, let’s see how:

Car vinyl stickers:

After the release of Tokyo Drift this bad boy thing named as Vinyl came in the lime light, when that startling light effect on the doors of the cars was observed by the viewers of the movie. Vinyl is something which is easily available in the market and in different pattern and colors. One just need to go and select the best of their choice rest is nothing but how one places it. Mostly the fire effect is common in vinyl, which shows that the car is on fire and the speedy it is the better vinyl looks. There was the time when vinyl could be painted only but, not now things have become entirely different and amazingly convenient. Car sticker has become the new technology with which even custom decal printing can be easily stick on the doors of the car to give good impact.

Basic Car stickers:

Just by spending reasonable amount of money and using one’s sense of style some good basic stickers can be bought pretty easily. Even if somebody doesn’t have the ability to select the best sticker for the cars, Google is there to give feedback related to all the new sticker styles available in the market. In addition, the water proof aspect is now a common attribute of all the car stickers. Water can no more destroy the quality of the best custom vinyl stickers online and color of it. This is something very obvious and common that initially when kids used to decorate (or destroy the look of the car) by sticking stickers on it one wash of water could destroy it right away. But not now thanks to technological advancement that things are changed.